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This is a fallow year for our Community relative to Building Resources Yielding Cultural Change.... our Directors welcome proposals and submissions in the form of resumes and applications for developmental programming. we meet on Saturday Mornings and Sunday afternoons locally and regionally. come garden with us and quilt or bike around the Metro Louisville area as we sponsor community clean up action and other events. Honor us in celebrating the life and works of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Through Volunteerism and local Activism. We are currently not accepting donations at present but encourage you to support the center for Women & Families.
We are a community of volunteers and interest groups committed to cooperative interaction as individuals and collectives encouraging independent education and creative expression through self-engaged enrichment as well as through sustainable choices and direct action in communities and regional interest groups.
Welcome to our Community Partnership and Discussion Forum and Online Newsletter! Great News! New location... 743 East Broadway #101 Louisville, Kentucky 40202 Give us a call at 502.383.1177

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Membership for each Collective requires attendance at organizing meeting and work group attendance;
visit our home page at www.brycchouse.com today or check into one of our meetings for direct options for volunteerism.

KY Womens Art Collective  Freewheel Bikes Workshop Garden Community

Lending Library Options for Collectives 
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Participants and Members alike have volunteered their time and energy to contribute Sustainable Options within our Community... We encourage you to learn more and want to empower you to document those changes as a means of advancing Cultural Change which yields Sustainable Practices for future generations!

New Feature:  Eclectic Yoga with Clare Hirn
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Welcome!!! This thread is full of quick reading and active links to find out who to meet up with as well as when and where... Ready... Set ... Direct Action!! 9 48
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Join our volunteers in sharing skills and key ideas relative to creating Healthy Choices along with Sustainable Lifestyle Options in your life today.  Our community promotes BikeLife! Transport Options, Creative Expression Replacing Aggression, Self Engaged Enrichment through community gardening and Sustainable Technologies.

Each of our events and programs is hosted by a volunteer facilitator; we welcome your questions and ideas!
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Our members are branching out in their efforts and ideas to meet regularly with new members and offer more opportunities to learn about cultural change and participate in community outreach.  Weekly in-house activities are now being complimented with weekly tabling and sign ups around the region, at fall festivals and holiday events as well as with our partners in local neighborhoods.

We appreciate the many donation s of books and bikes and we welcome new members and friends to join us for our 21st Century Brycc Book Sale this Friday and Saturday from 5 to 9pm (we are located at 825 South Floyd Street!  Look for our Holidays Raffle to win gift cards to local businesses and prizes from our workshops!   Join us December 1st for Bardstown Road Aglow at Better Days Records.

Training for members who are attending meetings and proposing new events as expanded collective action is now occurring on a bi-weekly basis and individuals interested in volunteering or serving on communities such as Outreach, Membership, Finance or even just voting in our General Monthly Assembly are encouraged to visit this site in the Monthly Meeting section to schedule their calendars accordingly.

Radio Production and Tool Archive Times have been primarily a Sunday event, but we are looking into expanding our format to Wednesdays at present.  Indoor Gardening is welcoming a reschedule option for expanded attendance as well as more indepth project development for our Saturday schedule at 1pm.

Are you a textile or fabric person?  Many of our members are interested in community quilting this winter and encourage you to post a new topic about your own projects and let us know if you would like other folks to work with you on hands on projects or experimentation.  Unique Batik will begin in January and continue on as a natural dyes class this spring as well.  Drop us a line at brycchousecommunity@gmail.com with questions or if you would like to donate your time or support for the continuation of our programming!
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This area is for everyone to read documents and download images which will assist you in Brycc House Outreach and Fundraising Particulars such as making event flyers and more!  Would you like to learn more about participating and/or volunteering in upcoming events??  

Click here to find out What's in the mix, Where you can present your ideas or When to join us and lend a hand!
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This area is specifically for Facilitators and Moderators of the Site to use as a filing system to keep the web site current and simplified.  Annual review calls for old business to be archived according to Collective Activity, Committee Notes, Directors Announcements and Findings/Resolutions.  Incidence Reporting and Review processes will be kept in the Directors Review Board and will not be accessible to community. 7 9
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I just wanted to put a post on here to get some feed back on the donating process on this site. I send alot of people to this site on a daily basis to donate, but no one has seem to take the opportunity to do so. I was wondering if the process to donate was difficult once you have made to the ... 0 0
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